Volunteer Do's & Dont's

Information for the volunteers

Duration of internship- The volunteers will have to work for a minimum

time period of 1 month


Timings 10am to 4pm (flexible)

Working days

Monday to Friday


For Additional Information Please Contact Ms. Mudita Lall on


Come with a positive attitude, respect the dignity for your target group and shed all your preconceived notions

Try to act as a medium between the staff and the people in need and not as a resource person

For any feedback or any problem, please reach out to the volunteer coordinator

You are required to share your area of interest with us, we shall try keeping your interests in mind while allocating work

Volunteers can also work from home once they have the approval of the volunteer coordinator

You are required to develop a dignified relationship with all concerned

You are expected to cooperate with the staff, children and the volunteer coordinator

Furthermore you are requested to dress in formals, as per the office norms

You will be expected to submit a report by the end of your volunteer period to the volunteer coordinator

Don’t come with a judgmental attitude

Volunteers should not give gifts or provide any special treatment to the people you are working with

You are advised not to allow / encourage the people you are working with to meet you outside the organization unless required for organizational purposes. If at all required, permission is to be sought from the Volunteer coordinator

Do not create high expectations while serving/ working with the people

You are advised not to develop any sort of personal relationship with the staff. If you do happen to have any such relationship with any staff member, the organization will not be responsible for any mishaps. And if the relationship affects the dignity and reputation of the organization, the volunteer would be dropped from the agreement, if necessary, action would be taken against the staff member as well

Volunteers should not be involved with any activities that demean the people’s integrity and affect them emotionally, mentally or psychologically

The organization is not responsible for any activities of the volunteers beyond the organization and after office hours

If the volunteers are found being involved in any inappropriate activity, they will be asked to withdraw from the period of voluntary work

If the Volunteers want to bring their friends for a visit, they should do so with the approval of the Volunteer Coordinator

If the volunteer want their friends/ family to also volunteer their time, those interested will have to fill the volunteer form and submit it on the website