Our Philosophy

The Fortis Foundation was established with the intention of supporting preventive and remedial healthcare services to vulnerable sections of society.

Given the scale and complexity of the problem, we believe that in order to deliver on this objective, we must work in partnership with like-minded organization, volunteers, contributors and “any” stakeholder willing to help towards addressing the problem. Our intention is to seed and support the creation of an ecosystem, working to ensure delivery of sustainable, scalable and high-impact programs.

Our programs are designed under a needs assessment, focusing on areas in which we leverage the Group's inherent healthcare experience and competencies  and deliver the most sustainable impact, and also de-risk the entry and role of the other participants, as well as operate the programs at a level of efficiency, which minimises over-head and administrative costs.

Working in inclusive and collaborative team structures, we strive to constantly evaluate and learn from our experiences to better our efforts and impact. We understand this to be a never-ending cycle, which must be sustained.

While channelising a passionate spirit towards enabling social change and improvement, we are mindful of our limitations and acknowledge we have a lot to learn from every quarter and constituent. Sporting a spirit of humility, we are open to all inputs and suggestions in the process of constant improvement.

Even as our initial area of focus is towards curative healthcare, our long term objective is to deliver programs in the area of preventive healthcare and improve the overall quality of life for our stakeholders and the society at large. This is in line with our core beliefs that as participants of society, we have an obligation to leave the world as a better place than the one we inherited.