With an in-depth knowledge and expertise in Aviation and Travel domain, Ligare Voyages Limited is one of the mostdiversified and growing conglomerate with a global outlook. Today Ligare Voyages is spear-headed with an immenselytalented and strong leadership who have a global vision for growth.

Over the years, Ligare Voyages has strategically made huge investments to offer tomorrow's solutions and services to theirclients today. From investing hugely in procuring state of the art private aircraft, to establishing a backbone of travel services,Ligare Voyages has been on a growth spree since inception.

Our comprehensive portfolios of services are Air Charter, Travel Management and Aircraft Engineering. The vision behindestablishing and investing in all its business verticals and reinventing the progression methodology, is to offer niche servicesby becoming a one-stop-shop to its clients. Responsible for forecasting and being future ready, we offer specialised services which are unchallenged and recently designed. Acknowledged its our efforts and business initiatives, Ligare Voyages Limited was proudly recognised as “The Most Versatile Company in Aviation And Travel” for the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Ligare Voyages Limited