Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar

Congenital Heart Defect
December, 2016

A 7 month old child was having difficulty in breathing and after being admitted to a nearby hospital he was detected with the life threatening congenital heart defect. This is the story of Ankit Kumar from Gurgaon. When his mother, Reena Devi was pregnant she took good care of herself so that her son would be hearty healthy child. But when Ankit was 2 months old, he became very irritable. His father, Hari Ram Yadav, who works as a driver says that he would cry continuously. Ankit’s grandmother told us that he would vomit the milk he was given. The family took him to the nearby doctor and after a 2D Echo test it was found that the child had a hole in his heart.

Everyone was devastated and Ankit’s grandfather and grandmother started crying because Ankit was the first grandchild in the house and they had no idea where to take him.

Finally through a doctor’s referral, the family came to Fortis Memorial Research Institute and contacted Fortis Foundation. Fortis foundation supported Ankit’s surgery and he was operated on 22nd December, 2016.

The family came for a follow up on 29th December 2016 and Ankit’s mother said “I am extremely grateful to Fortis Foundation because they supported my son in leading a healthy life. I hope that they treat all the children suffering with heart defect throughout India”.